Making a Difference with Digital Marketing Services

We use data to activate digital campaigns in a harmonious way

Search Engine Optimization

Boost the performance of the content that your business publishes online. Search engine optimization or SEO, Amazon listing optimization, and improved rankings on the Amazon search engine are among the services that KnotSymphonie can provide for your business.

Paid Media Advertising

Improve the media performance of your business with our expert support. We can help with Paid Search / PPC , Paid Social /Facebook Advertising and Retargeting , to increase your company profile and boost your profits.

Technical SEO Audit

To ensure your website gets higher rankings on internet search engines, we can offer your business a technical SEO audit and Checklist. With the technical support our experts provide when auditing your website, the right changes can be made. Higher rankings mean leverage over your nearest business rivals and the potential to attract more customers to your company.

“Symphonie of digital marketers”

What Define our Digital Marketing Service

KnotSmphonie is a project based on helping businesses connect their services and products to the customers who need them in a Digital World. We will unite you with the digital marketing experts that can support you with your online marketing strategy. This will create a knotSymphonie (tying together your online marketing strategies with the tactical plan and creative vision that our specialist provide in the digital marketing service ) in a strong and harmonious way to help you grow and profit your business. 



We will help either find your needs as a consumer and either you as a company to connect with your users.

Kenny Melisa Delgado Back-end Developer

Kenny Melissa Delgado

Back-End Developer

Web Application Architect at KnotSymphonie and multiple development support. 
Web Development and Backend Degree.

Héctor Camacho


Founder of KnotSymphonie, based on help human companies to connect with their users and their real needs in a digital world.

Miguel Echeverri

Creative Director

Driven Multimedia Artist with a passion for CG, design, and animation .
Check his Multimedia Projects.

Felipe Fernández

Project Manager

Master Degree in Business Administration and passionate about Digital Marketing

Rodrigo Lancheros

SEO Specialist

I have been working passionately in Digital Marketing for 6+ years focused on SEO.

What our Clients say of our Digital Marketing Service

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We have been working with KnotSymphonie for several years now on various SEO projects. The company has great technical expertise in SEO and has helped us with landing page and content performance optimization as well as organizational search result improvements. 

Jaime Schuster

We had the opportunity to work with KnotSymphonie and get its digital services for a holistic SEO-PPC strategy . During its services it acchived a great asset to develop proposals for better website performance and content improvement for our company.

Sofia Valdes Romero


A Right Media Mix Can Make The Difference

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Making a difference with digital marketing service

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